United States, Washington, DC

Digital Service Expert • Oct 2016 – Present

Working for the White House, Health and Human Services, and Centers for Medicare and Medcaid Services.

Dcode, Washington, DC

Mentor • June 2018 – Nov 2019

The U.S. federal government spends tens of billions on tech products each year, but entering the market and scaling is expensive and risky. Dcode's 10-week accelerator provides private sector tech companies of all stages and sizes a simpler, faster way to break into and scale in the federal market successfully, and expert mentors are critical to that process.

Payoff, Costa Mesa, CA

Frontend Engineer | Technical Program Manager | Software Engineering Manager • Apr 2015 ­– Sept 2016

Lead a team of engineers in developing multiple mission­ critical products spanning from allowing users to make one­time payments against their Payoff loan to building a Payoff savings account from the ground up. These deliveries helped Payoff to stand out from the typical peer-to-peer lending company and converting Payoff’s borrowers to savers, fulfilling Payoff’s mission.

Developed flagship loan product along with five other engineers. Frontend emphasis with most applications developed on top of AngularJS. Ruby on Rails generalist. Responsible for entire tech stack that crossed Nginx, Elasticsearch, Redis, RoR, AngularJS, Sass, Qless job servers. Lead developer and architect for major initiatives. Experience in developing product requirements and specification development. Development included a high emphasis on code compliancy in the financial industry. Helped grow Payoff to become a leader in the fintech space. These efforts have allowed the company to lend well over 100MM to date.

Source Interlink Media, Irvine, CA

Lead Frontend Engineer • Sept 2010 – Apr 2014

Provided research and development for the frontend encompassing HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and jQuery as well as establishing best practices and standards for the company. Lead developer for many frontend projects that were built leveraging AngularJS. Project development spanned progressive enhancement methodologies, media queries with mobile­first development, jQuery plug­in development and reuse, and hardware skunkworks projects. Helped design custom hardware utilizing the open source Arduino project and Android to create a smart point­of­sale magazine rack. These efforts allowed Source Interlink Media to excel in both lead generation models and provide dynamic content to millions of automotive enthusiasts.

Vortal Group, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA

Software Engineer • May 2009 – Sept 2010

Lead developer and architect for projects that included teams from two to six engineers. Built and maintained highly scalable applications that served streaming online auctions. Developed custom PHP MVC framework and jQuery modules. Designed and implemented database applications that handled multi million transactions daily. Designed and developed automated SEO campaigns through Google, Yahoo, and Bing APIs. Numerous API wrappers developed for marketing campaigns.

Pixabit, Inc., Irvine, CA

Web Developer • Oct 2008 ­– Apr 2009

Designed and built custom reporting tools, A/B testing system, referral tool, and various other tools and features for the Final Motive Gaming Network. Maintained code for six separate Web­based Massive Multi Online Role Player code. Played a crucial role in a small development team to drive Final Motive to be a leader in their field. Heavy PHP, MySQL, prototype, Javascript, and AJAX used along with XHTML and CSS.

Invisible Children, Gulu, Uganda

Volunteer/Web Developer • May 2008 ­– July 2008

Had the unique opportunity to travel to Northern Uganda and meet with 20+ Non Government Organizations (NGOs) that were focused in sponsoring students affected by Northern Uganda’s long running 21 years war. After meeting with Northern Ugandan NGOs, politicians, and community leaders, I designed, built, and implemented a tracking device for all the sponsored students in the different NGOs. There were 6,000+ students in the system. The system, Northern Ugandan Scholarship Database (NUSD) dubbed by political leaders, allowed for cross checking between NGOs for double sponsored students between the different NGOs. This saved countless money for the different NGOs upon identification of a student that was receiving more than one sponsorship. OOP php was used with flash, AJAX, javascript, and XML to interface with a SQL(2005) database. NUSD is still being used in Northern Uganda.

Independent Web Consultant

Independent Consultant • 2006 ­– Present

Sample of projects

  • Project Prometheus
    Part of a two-man team that developed the parallax microsite “New Worlds” for the Prometheus movie campaign. Designed and developed core front end functionality.
  • University California Riverside
    Designed and developed an online reporting software suite used by a Ph.D research team to trackstudents in their program. MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and AJAX were used in building this suite.
  • Other Projects
    Various other projects include, but are not limited to, applications to microsites for local companies including Kneadle Inc., LSA Associates Inc., Adept Code, PG&E, and Branding Personality.

J & D Sales, Fullerton, CA

Web Developer • Aug 2003 ­– June 2006

Planned, designed, built, and maintained company's ecommerce site from the inception of the company. Built both Access and SQL (2000) databases that were the backbone for the site. Developed a custom, easy­to­use backend for the site, making updates seamless. Maintained all ASP, HTML, and SQL server code. These efforts helped J & D Sales start as a small, one­man dot com company to a company that now has a store front with ten employees.

Metronome, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA

Software Developer • Oct 2002 ­– Dec 2004

Built and maintained custom developed applications per client requests as well as several boxed products. These consisted of a mixture of web applications, data mining and reporting, windows applications, and integration projects. Responsible for keeping projects on schedule and creating innovative, ground breaking software. These achievements helped mold Metronome from a small startup company to a large competitor in its market.


California State University, Long Beach

BS, Computer Science • 2008


Director of Payment System Modernization • 2018 — Present

The Medicare Payment System Modernization (MPSM) allows Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rapid adoption of new technologies and value-based payment models by modernizing Medicare’s 30-50 year-old claims processing systems—which currently process over $500B in claims, roughly 3.5% of GDP.

  • Vision: wrote project proposal, set scope, built USDS team; developed project goals along with short and long term vision/strategy.
  • Change Management: aligned and organized CMS executive leadership into a governance board; executed organizational change management in approach to large project execution within the agency.
  • Contracts: designed, developed, and wrote project contracting strategy and vehicle that is expected to award over 100MM in contracts.
  • Team Leadership: hired 11 direct reports that managed over 100 people. Introduced cloud environment to legacy mainframe system, introduced agile methodology to waterfall process, overhauled testing strategies, held weekly one-on-ones with team members.

Technical Lead • 2016 — 2018

The Quality Payment Program (QPP) is the largest payment reform effort in Medicare’s history. The program began the shift from a fee-for-service model to value-based care.


Execution of Major Projects

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services • 2019

Awarded by the CMS Administrator recognizing the outstanding contributions to the Medicare Payment Systems Modernization.

Execution of Major Projects

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services • 2017

Awarded by the CMS Administrator recognizing the outstanding contributions to the Quality Payment Program.

Optimize for Results, Not Optics

United States Digital Service • 2017

Each year the USDS Administrator recognizes the team members who have demonstrated exemplary performance in each of the six USDS core values. I was recognized for demonstrating the "Optimize for Results, Not Optics" value -- working for the people, without want of credit, prestige, or headlines.

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